We weren’t able to have our dream wedding in Cyprus due to Covid-19 and all the restrictions involved.
So the Local vicar came and did us a wonderful blessing of the rings and exchanged vows in the garden. Was all a bit of a rush as the numbers were going from 30 to 6 a few days later. But managed it on the actual day we had planned.

We decided to go away in the bus with just Bobby. Heartbreaking we couldn’t take Benji, but he’s old and has a bit of dementia. So left him at home. 🙁

We traveled down the Devon and Cornwall coast from Ilfracombe to Perranporth. The weather wasn’t too bad in the day. Windy and wet in the evenings. Used the park4night app so stayed in car parks mostly.

Need to look into upgrading the (new) tomtom sat nav as it took us to a few places that were super tight for the bus. St Ives was the worse. Like a roller coaster. Christine said she had her eyes closed. I said ‘So did I!’ Didn’t stop as parking was all the way up the hill. Found out that there is a bus down to the town. Will use that next time.